Corso d’italiano per stranieri
Rosanna Chirichella–Caratsch

Syllabus is a multi–media language course of Italian language and culture for foreign students, dedicated to university and academic studies students, to adults who are attending language courses of Italian language and culture and to anyone who desires to acquire and to master linguistic competences.

It is the product of field experience with university students and with Italian language courses here in the US where it was easier to find in homogeneous classes. The students who used this course in its experimental phase, have reached the following reference level and, most of them, have take the certification exams with ease, attesting the validity and the functionnality of the course.

Syllabus 1 deals with grammatical structures and thematic fields of its level and recaps the basic structures in order to extend and consolidate them. The course is composed by 8 units, each of them centered on a cultural theme and starts with an introductory activity. The book is accompanied by an audio CD.

Each unit presents specific sections:

  • Grammatical Focus
  • Phonetics
  • Communicative strategies (in order to develop communication and study skills)
  • Civilization
  • Self–evaluation
  • Review Test (every two Units)

The website offers also free additional material.


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Level 1
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