Corso multimediale di italiano per stranieri
Marco Mezzadri and Paolo E. Balboni

This revised edition of Rete! consists of 5 levels, covering A1–C1 of the CEFR. Improvements and additions have been made to the course following teachers’ feedback and new research on language education.

Each volume now consists of 8 units, which are subdivided into 3 lessons plus sections on culture and civilization, an end of unit test, and a revision worksheet which replaces the ‘Libro di casa’. The appendix includes notes on grammar and phonetics plus a glossary. Nuovo Rete! also has its own website at: where you can access further activities, translations in 20 languages of the glossary and appendix, and the audio clips in mp3 format.

This series takes an inductive approach to language learning, asking the students to deduce for themselves from the examples given to them, the rules and patterns of Italian. Furthermore, emphasis is placed on learning Italian so as to be able to perform specific tasks and meet everyday needs, which again conforms to the requirements of the Common European Framework of languages.

Nuovo Rete! Libro Attivo

A new practical tool for learning in a very efficient and dynamic way: you can read all pages of the book and practice the language with them directly on your computer. Click on the icons on the pages and you open video, audio and interactive exercises, all collected in a single CDROM!


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