Corso elementare ed intermedio; New Edition 2015
Katerin Katerinov and Maria Clotilde Boriosi

This course is well known to many teachers of Italian having been used for a number of years in courses at the University of Perugia. It uses a communicative approach that integrates grammar effectively alongside structured and practical content. This course is also suited to independent study thanks to the straightforward format, end–of–unit tests, and the answer booklet which is available separately.

The first level covers beginners through to intermediate Italian (A1–B1) and the corresponding course book is available in two formats: either one complete volume or separated into two distinct volumes, book 1 and book 2. A revised fifth edition is now available for both formats.


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Complete Text   9788855705264           $33.00  
Volume 1   9788855705417           $19.50  
Volume 2   9788855705422           $19.50  
Answer Key   9788855705523           $7.85  
Workbook   9788855705554           $18.50  
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