Italian Oper Bambini
B. Beutelspacher

Al circo! is for children ages 6-10. Through a fun story that takes place at a circus, children will learn to say their name and exchange greetings. They will learn vocabulary regarding animals, numbers, colors, food, clothing, the body, and nature.

The objective of Al circo! is to teach children their first Italian sentences in a natural way—by the use of games that satisfy their expressive and creative needs, role–plays, rhymes and songs, and easy reading and writing exercises. The activities respect children’s individuality, stimulate cooperation and team spirit, and spark their interest in a different culture. The exciting songs will help them learn correct pronunciation and intonation.

The Al circo! program includes the student book with a multi–language glossary, an extensive lesson guide with reproducible material for the teacher (available for download at, and an audio CD.


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