Musica, Cinema e Teatro
Maria Angela Cernigliaro

L’Italia è cultura is a series of 5 monographic booklets on Italian culture (History, Literature, Art, Geography, Music, Cinema and Theater) at the high–intermediate to advanced levels. Each monograph, using a simple and comprehensive language, and a lot of photographic material, offers foreign students the opportunity to become involved in a journey through Italian culture and civilization, providing information and elements to interpret and understand the diverse realities of Italian culture.

Each booklet includes a glossary; a section with various activities, exercises and language games; and keys to the exercises.

Booklet on History: A journey through the Italian history from Prehistory to nowadays.

Booklet on Literature: Explains Italian Literature from its origins to the present day through the protagonists, the literary masterpieces and literary trends.

Booklet on Geography: Thanks to a rich photographic material, the reader makes a long trip thought the 20 Italian regions

Booklet on Arts: An exciting journey over three thousand years of Art History in Italy, discovering the major art movements, their representatives and the many masterpieces that we can still admire.

Musica, cinema e teatro
Booklet on Musica, Cinema e Teatro: Completes the series and offers a wonderful journey in magical worlds: from classical to pop, from neorealism to the current actors and directors, from Goldoni’s comedy to Pirandello and Fo.


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