Book 1 and Book 2
Anthony Mollica

This series is the perfect accompaniment at any language level—from beginner to advance.


  • Each book contains 60 photographs by North American photographers
  • There are two copies of each photo: the large one may be used for group work, while the smaller one—with plenty of white space around it—may be used for individual assignment
  • Each photograph may be photocopied for classroom use
  • Excellent visual stimuli for comprehension and discussion
  • Suitable for different grade level and multi–level classes

Each of the reproducible books comes packaged with a teacher’s guide that provides a series of questions to stimulate the student’s visual comprehension, personal interpretation, and creativity.


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Item   ISBN           Price   Quantity
Book 1   9780921831143           $43.95  
Book 2   9780921831198           $43.95  
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