Corso D'Italiano Per Cantanti Lirici E Amanti Dell'Opera
Donatella Brioschi, Mariella MartiniMerschmann

L’italiano nell’aria is a course for students who are studying Italian for the Opera, as well as for the opera appassionato and those who wish to better understand the opera libretti.

  • This 2–level course covers the A1–B2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • It is suitable for classroom use and for self–study using the additional online resources.
  • The arias and recitatives were selected according to the grammar phenomenon presented in the units.

The student books offer situations and dialogues related to music and to opera culture. The grammar phenomena are presented in a simple and clear way and most follow a different order than the traditional language course books.

The workbooks provide activities, arias, readings, quizzes and curiosities about opera and music. Clear and easy–to–read grammar tables are at the end of each the volume.

The pronunciation booklets help students to have correct pronunciation.

Each student book contains 2 audio CD’s with the dialogues and arias from the book and texts from the pronunciation booklet.

Online resources for both books include a teacher’s guide, grammar synopsis and a glossary. A pronunciation final test for book 1 is also available.


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