StinkyKid Jen

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“Always Be A Leader Of Good!“ That's the motto of StinkyKids. Oh...they're not called that because they smell bad, but because they can be “little stinkers“ (does that sound like anyone you know?).

These 12“ soft cloth dolls have removable clothing, embroidered faces and personalized tushies. Each of the ten dolls comes with a bookmark and a trading card explaining their unique personality and talent. Collect all ten!! (Appropriate for ages 0+)

Our princess of the StinkyKids, Jen loves ballet and her BFF Britt. Adopted as a baby, she enjoys dancing to all types of music. One of her favorite foods is strawberries and she wants to be a mommy who sings and dances in Broadway shows when she grows up.
Leader of Good quality: Staying healthy and eating growing foods.


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