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Full–Color • 9 x 11 • 32 pages
Jacketed Hardcover; English and Bilingual
Accelerated Reader Quiz #72868
Grade Level 2/3; F&P: L
Written by Amy Crane Johnson
Illustrated by Robb Mommaerts
  • Raventree Press

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The popular Solomon Raven series includes four individual titles (Cinnamon & the April Shower, Mason Moves Away, Lewis Cardinal's First Winter, A Home for Pearl Squirrel) featuring seasonal stories with recurring north woods animal friends. The woodland settings offer insight into the changes of the forest landscape, and each story involves a subject that affects children on a day–to–day basis. No matter what the issue, Solomon Raven, the wisest bird in the forest, has the answer.

Cinnamon & The April Shower
It's spring! The forest is full of newborn animals and plants. An April shower frightens Cinnamon, her new cub, and their woodland friends. Solomon Raven explains the importance of rain for animal and forest survival.

This title is available in English–only or bilingual English–Spanish editions.

Amy Crane Johnson has had a love of reading from a very early age. She can often be found reading in bed or watching movies with her husband and grandchildren. Amy Crane Johnson lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

After a freak accident involving curiosity and a hot iron, 1–year–old, Robb Mommaerts gained the magical powers of drawing in his right had. He has now fulfilled one of his greatest dreams since he was a small tyke—to illustrate children's books.

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