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A Rip Squeak Book

Full–Color • 9 x 11 • 32 pages
Jacketed Hardcover; English-only
Accelerated Reader Quiz #136379
Grade Level 3; F&P: N
Written by Susan Yost-Filgate Illustrated by Leonard Filgate
  • Raventree Press

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The world of Rip Squeak exists in a summer cottage in the country where no humans live ten months out of the year. The stories are about Rip Squeak and his little sister Jesse and their strange friendship with Abbey, and abandoned kitten, and a frog named Euripides.

Rip and Jesse live inside the walls of a summer cottage. Abbey prefers to befriend creatures like mice and frogs and birds rather than other cats. She introduces Rip and Jesse to her friend Euripides, a very entertaining actor and storyteller who lives and breathes the theater.

Through Rip’s own words, the books introduce the stories of these creatures and the friendships they develop, setting the stage for adventures yet to come.

The Adventure

Rip Squeak and his friends set off on the maiden voyage aboard their ship named Adventure and soon find themselves adrift in a thick, mysterious fog. When disaster strikes and things look grim, the unexpected happens and a new friend saves the day.

Author and Illustrator
Susan Yost-Filgate and Leonard Filgate live and work in a wonderful old house in California's Central Valley. Creating art with a childhood theme and whimsy brings Leonard great pleasure. He and his wife, Susan, developed Rip Squeak & His Friends out of a need to create characters that would express Leonard's philosophy that art should imitate the best life has to offer, whether it be real or from somewhere deep within the imagination. His desire and intentions are simple–that his art makes the view smile and feel good.


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