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Full–Color • 9 x 11 • 32 pages
Jacketed Hardcover or Paperback; English and Bilingual
Grade Level 1/2; F&P: H
Written by Toulla Palazeti
Illustrated by Pamela Barcita
  • Raventree Press

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A wonderful cycle of giving begins when a seed is planted. Pieces and sprouts of walnut tree are passed along from one person to that person's friend and on that that friend's neighbor and on and on and on. The circle of giving creates a new crop of trees (supporting the idea of reforestation) and instills traditional values of sharing and caring. It also brings abut a spirit of hope and goodwill to the givers. Love grows along with the saplings in the beautifully generous world. An inspiration and a timely lesson for children, adults and whole communities.

This book is available in an English–only and bilingual English–Spanish editions.Author
Toulla Palazeti says she just loves to write and, as a mother and an elementary schoolteacher, she finds she is constantly inspired by the children around her. She has been happily married and living in Michigan for twenty–five years.

Pamela Barcita lives in rural Chesapeake, Virginia, in a log home on a forested three acres populated with many wild creatures, from which she draws inspiration for her artwork. She resides with her family, four cats and two cockatiels. Other books by Pamela include A Walk With Grandpa.

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