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Full–Color •11 x 9 • 32 pages
Jacketed Hardcover; English only
Accelerated Reader Quiz #144203
Grade Level 2; F&P: K
Written by Marla J. Hohmeier
Illustrated by Penny Weber
  • Raventree Press

Now available for the Kindle at and the Nook at

With a gentle nudge (Tell me about it) or a simple question (And then what happens?) a child can create unique moments in time and design a world of fantasy that adults have long forgotten. Amazingly Wonderful Things will take your child on a delightful journey across a sea of pink and blue cotton candy to the top of a Ferris wheel made of diamonds and up a rainbow in a new pair of jelly–bean shoes.

This lavishly illustrated book sparks the imagination as a young girl dances in the stardust, races a supernova, and chases fire–breathing dragons across the sky. When the door to a child’s imagination is opened and their creativity is set free every child is capable of Amazingly Wonderful Things. All we have to do is watch… and listen.

Marla J. Hohmeier (also known as “Akeila’s mom”) loves to write children’s stories, poetry and plays for kids and acting scenes for tweens and teens. She is the founder and president of Shining Star Productions, an organization that provides creative drama classes for kids. Inspired by her family and the hundreds of children she works with every year, Marla writes and teaches classes that encourage imagination and creativity.

Marla is the proud mom of Akeila LeClaire and spends a lot of time with Snuggles, a Lhasa Apso, that she adopted from an animal rescue shelter. Amazingly Wonderful Things is her first book.

Penny attended classes at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Over the years she has worked in greeting cards and as a freelance artist specializing in residential murals. Since 2007, Penny has been illustrating for the children’s market. Her latest picture book, One of Us, from Tilbury House Publishers was released in June of 2010. Penny lives with her husband, three children, a cat and a guinea pig in Holbrook, New York. She is heavily lobbying for a puppy.

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