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Full–Color • 9 x 11 • 32 pages
Jacketed Hardcover; English-only
Accelerated Reader Quiz #144209
Grade Level 2; F&P: K
Written and Illustrated by Sheila Jarkins
  • Raventree Press

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Once again Marco has an exciting adventure in The Adventures of Marco Flamingo in the Jungle. It is Marco’s birthday and he receives an invitation from his friend, E. E. Elephant, to visit him in the jungle. Marco has quite a harrowing boat trip across the ocean, but arrives in the jungle safely. His friend, Elephant takes him to the watering hole to cool off after his trip. Then Marco has a great time laughing with hyena, finding buried treasure with ostrich and even roaring with lion. At the end of the story there is a big surprise. Another birthday wish comes true for Marco.

Author and Illustrator
Author and illustrator, Sheila Jarkins, writes what she believes children will enjoy. “What kid wouldn’t love riding on an elephant, swinging from a vine, and wallowing in the mud,” she states. So, for this third book in the Marco series, Sheila sent Marco off on a jungle adventure.

Sheila has enjoyed careers in art, education, dance and theater. She continues to teach, travel and enjoy the company of children, especially her three grandchildren. She lives in the Finger Lakes region of New York State with her husband and a domesticated feral cat with a jungle soul.

Sheila Jarkins lives in Rochester, New York.


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